The AirSource Charity Source-a-thon

What on earth is a Charity Source-a-thon?

We thought it would be fun to hear from sourcers about their trials and tribulations as they source.

We also wanted to help out a good cause.

Throughout our 12 hour radio broadcast on 8th June, we will periodically join a team of volunteer sourcers as they get their heads around some roles, the likes of which they’ve never seen before.  

Which charity is involved?

So far we have roles from Ambitious about Autism.

Who’s doing the sourcing?

Mark Lundgren will be leading our team of volunteer sourcers.

What tools are they going to use?

As everyone knows, all good sourcers have a toolkit full of free tools that they use to unearth great candidates and find their contact info.

We also have access to the following tools, for all our volunteer sourcers:

Thanks to everyone at SocialList, Indeed and Hiretual for their support.

How can you get involved?

I work at a charity

Give us a call or drop us an email. We can work on one or two specific roles for you or map some skills in competitor organisations. You’re also welcome to send a member of your recruitment team to join us on the day, or leave us to it!

I am a sourcer

Great! If you can get yourself to Reading in Berkshire bright and early on Thursday 8th June, then we want to hear from you. Get in touch.

I am a supplier

The more candidate sources we have the better. Can you help us search, store our info, or save us time? You can send us someone to do a demo on the day or you can just get us set up and leave us to it. Contact us and let us know how you can help. We’ll give you lots of shout outs on the show!

Go on… it’s for a good cause!